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Oil on canvas 12 by 20 inches
Artist Corinne Viner copyright 2017

Sailing was a big part of my childhood. My Aunt and Uncle lived on one; all our vacations involved water. Dad built a little 12 footer dinghy sailboat when my brother and I were kids that we’d sail around the lake. It was an awesome way to grow up, and I am still so thankful to my family for making it possible. Art comes from life, and my paintings are no different. Seascapes just don’t look right without a boat in the distance, and I’m grateful for that bias. May you have lots of boats in your future.

I wish you fair winds and following seas, friend.

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Sailboat on Misty Water

Oil paints take 3!

12 x 12 acrylic on canvas
Artist Corinne Viner copyright 2017

I love love love how oils blend together. The colors are so beautiful, and it is possible to make the shading very subtle.

 I am concernced about how much more toxic the process is compares to watercolors and acrylics, so I’m researching how to make that safer. Once i figure out a system, I’ll share it. Maybe you’ll find it useful as well. Stay posted for that.

Alright creatives. Rock on!