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Play of light

I love how light plays on the lilly petals, and I strove to mimic that here. I love the color blue, and particularly the shade here, French ultramarine blue.

24 by 24 inches oil on canvas
Artist Corinne Viner copyright 2017

In other news, I’m starting an Etsy shop for this and other paintings. It’s a work in progress so far! I will be selling original artworks there, and the styles will range from oil, acrylic, and watercolor on canvas and paper. In addition, I’ll be looking into the production of enameled pins, coffee mugs. If you have an idea you’d like me to look into, I’d be so grateful for ideas. Until next time, friends.

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Sunday Inspiration: Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City runs a youtube channel. In it, they show how some of the most famous artists of the last century painted their iconic works. The one I’ve linked below shows how Yayoi Kusama painted her mural sized Infinity Net. In the process of painting the sample, I was able to get a glimpse of the mind of Kusama. This art isnt exactly my cup of tea, but I got a lot out of watching over the artist’s shoulder. 

“How to paint like Yayoi Kusama”

The featured image is one of my watercolor paintings, inspired by Yayoi Kusama.