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The scent of plumeria hangs in the air, heavy and evocative. This is any street corner, any city. Any place with small white flowers and a big smell. This is any time, and it could be any person. Its not though. This is me, and it is now, and I am so grateful to be here.

San Diego street corner
Artist Corinne Viner copyright 2017
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Self to Self and Back

Watercolor sketch
Artist Corinne Viner copyright 2017

To be the person who lives

Self to self to self, 

Never slowing to chase the old

To be one who 

Watches a raindrop

Fall into present moment

To be the one who

Loves the person we have

Just met who is ourselves

And may it go well for you in this series of moments we call now.

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Sunday Inspiration: Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City runs a youtube channel. In it, they show how some of the most famous artists of the last century painted their iconic works. The one I’ve linked below shows how Yayoi Kusama painted her mural sized Infinity Net. In the process of painting the sample, I was able to get a glimpse of the mind of Kusama. This art isnt exactly my cup of tea, but I got a lot out of watching over the artist’s shoulder. 

“How to paint like Yayoi Kusama”

The featured image is one of my watercolor paintings, inspired by Yayoi Kusama.

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Hawks Circle the Dry Grasses

Acrylic on canvas 16 by 20 in
Artist Corinne Viner copyright 2017

Yesterday while I was out walking, I saw this hawk circling. It was beautiful to watch, though the rabbits probably didnt think so. At one point this little bird starts harrassing the hawk by swooping and touching wings before veering away to do it again. The small bird drove the bird of prey away by pestering it. Perhaps that bird had babies it was protecting, or perhaps it was bored. Looking back on it, it seems to be an omen. The hawks will leave if we bother them enough. Just, stay out of reach of those talons.

Here are some pictures of the landscape. No hawk pictures unfortunately! They move so fast. 

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Meadows Before Mountains

This one is inspired by Phyllis Shafer’s landscapes. I am a huge fan of her work since she showed in the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno. I love how each painting looks, almost, like I’ve been there looking with her. They make me feel as though I am a part of the art and not merely an observer. If you’re interested, you can find her paintings here. Well worth the click.