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Book Review: Color and Light

Im currently reading Color and Light: a guide for the realist painter by James Gurney. Hes the guy who illustrated the kids book Dinotopia. I dont remember what its about, but i remember the whimsical pictures of Dinosaurs living with people. Thats pretty impressive considering I read it when I was 6 or 7 years old. 

So this book is not your standard color theory and this is how you paint a landscape book. Gurney goes into how our eyes process color and how to make realistic paintings. This is even more impressive considering the artist key topic is dinosaurs (!!!). I think I learned more in the first fifteen pages than my last four books combined. 

So for example, Gurney talked about how colors look richer on overcast days and bleached on sunny days. So I tried it out on one of my paintings 

I like how it looks very much. I’ll keep reading this book. Im excited to see what I’ll learn